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Old 04-08-2010, 11:40 AM
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Name: Luke
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MissilePerformance Braided Hose + Fittings

Welcome to Missile Performance!

For over 18 months Mitchell and I(Luke) have been delving into the world of automotive stainless braided and rubber hoses for automotive and marine uses. Being perfectionists and enthusiasts for all automotive feats we realised we needed no nonsense dependable Teflon and Rubber based high pressure stainless braided hoses at reasonable prices.

A little about myself and Mitchell...

Having grown up on the verge of Gen X early Gen Y the cult car for us was the humble VL Commodore. I have now owned 5 in various forms of modification, from mild to wild. My current toy is a VX SS which is under some pretty serious modification. A new 408ci Iron Block has been sourced and is being built by Nick @ NJC. It will be mated to a pair of 700hp turbochargers with the aim of 9 sec timeslip as a manual car...We will see. I have also owned a HZ and WB ute and my current daily driver is a VS Maloo. Once I have grown up and stop wanting to go fast, I want to own a 71-71 Chevy Nova.

Now onto Mitchell... He started out with VW's. Yep the humble Beetle. He built one from the ground up as his HSC Design and Technology project. It even made Hot 4's magazine. It had a lovely 2.2L stroker engine and made a stonking 80ish HP. Trust me its more than enough to get you into trouble in a beetle. He then moved onto a VL SL Commodore. It then spent the next 3 or so years off the road as he pulled it apart put it back together decided it wasn't good enough and pulled it apart again. Painted in a blue Volvo hue and draped with a HDT Aero kit it is a pretty nice looking VL. The interior is basically HDT spec with Scheel seats. The driveline combo is a RB25, R33 5 speed and VLT 3.45:1 LSD Diff. With a stout 500hp at the flywheel this thing peels rubber off in the first 3 gears as it comes onto boost His current daily driver is a VY SS ute that before too long I will get my wicked way and be alowed to modify it just a little. His next project will be a late 60's Camaro, black with white racing stripes. If only he would stop building off road buggies

Now onto the good stuff...

Missile Performance offers the following Automotive Hose types:-

We currently have in stock of the Rubber Hose -


You can order the other sizes but there will be a wait on delivery.

We currently have in stock of the Teflon hose -

AN-3 - the perfect turbo feed size

You can order the other sizes but there will be a wait on delivery.

Please email missileperformance@live.com.au for enquiries and purchasing details. We offer PayPal and direct deposit. Please note all PayPal payments will attract a 1.5% processing fee for small orders. Remember to add us on MSN - If I'm online get answers to your questions then and there!


Other Services Offered

I can also offer competitive pricing on fittings from the Red Horse stable of Performance Automotive Fittings. Amazing quality at very reasonable prices. Forget the Ebay junk.. These things will look good for year after year. These items are an order on demand. I will provide quotes on demand.

We can supply all you LS based engine needs. I work in close partnership with NJC LSX Performance who is the Victorian dealer for Performance Inductions Heads and Intakes.

From Cathedral to Canted head and intake setups- ls1,ls2,ls3,ls7,C5R,Canted,etc

Heaps of options from 4 bolt to 6 bolt heads,

From as cast intakes to cnc 2 piece intakes with 4500 flanges-

Jesel to T & D rockers-

Rocker covers



You name it and Nick @ NJC can do it. You want a full house 440ci LSX small block, or a basic 427ci Nick can provide it.

I have a set of fresh LS3 heads without rocker gear. Come with the factory hollow stem valves etc. These are the latest model heads and are a great budget choice for a stroker build with a bore over 4.0"

Missile Performance is happy to announce that we can now supply Harrop TrueTrac LSD Centres.

This is the best LSD centre available. It takes the positive benefits of a locker and a LSD and combines them for a differential centre that provides performance and driveability.

The Detroit Truetrac was the first helical gear differential ever introduced into the automotive aftermarket as an Eaton brand. It remains the leading helical gear-type limited slip differential in the industry. Detroit Truetrac's proven helical gear design eliminates the need for wearable parts, resulting in maintenance free traction recognized not only for its toughness, but its smooth and quiet operation as well.

Proven design and effective performance all make the Detroit Truetrac limited slip differential the ideal choice for a wide variety of vehicle applications. No maintenance - Just Traction.


1 - Smooth Operation
2 - Performs Open Untill Needed
3 - Fully Automatic Limited Slip
4 - No Special Lubrication Required
5 - No Special Run In Procedure Required
6 - Billet Steel Heat Treated Body and Caps
7 - Forged Heat Treated Shot Peened Internal Gears

Looking @ $1550 delivered for the centre.

Want an ignition system to go with that ECU you just bought???

I can get D585 coils and OEM Delphi pigtails to suit. These are the factory coil on the LS9 and LS3 motors and feature inbuilt igniters and enough grunt to light off Methanol @ 1000 + HP levels..

Also for you LS1 guys I can get great pricing on Powerbond Under Drive Harmonic Balancers - Please PM me for Cost + Postage

Please PM for more details.

I better put up some photos of our products in action..

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