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Correct Frank.
A smaller crank pulley spins the accessories slower. A smaller w/pump pulley spins the pump faster. A smaller pump pulley should be tried first for a hot runner. Some A/C cars had smaller pump pulleys because of the extra heat generated with A/C.

Another trick that I have used successfully on a few troublesome hot running engines, to get them running cooler.

Most American V8 engines have some sort of WP bypass, which serves two purposes:
- without the bypass, if the t'stat should jam in the closed position, pressure could become excessive & the usual result is a welsh plug will blow out, usually at the front of the engine; generally only happens at high rpms.
- it provides quicker warm engine warm up. The bypass is usually located under the stat & connects to a passage that feeds the inlet side of the WP. Heated coolant is diverted to the inlet side of the WP so that some pre-heated coolant enters the engine.

The downside to this pre-heating is that the engine gets fed pre-heated coolant. Not good if the engine has a tendency to run hot or overheat. Might be great for a Michigan winter, but not here....

The bypass location & design varies between engine brands & I only know some of them.

S/b Chrys & BB Chev use a short hose that runs from below stat into WP housing.

BB Chrys has the BP passage in the pump housing, directly below the t'stat.

Pontiacs have a connecting BP passage between the coolant x over below the stat & the back of the WP housing.

To improve cooling, try reducing the passage size to about 3/8". With a Pontiac, sandwich a 3/8" ID washer under the O ring.

Don't completely block the BP, you need some connection for pressure relief.
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