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Old 29-07-2015, 11:09 AM
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Name: Chris
I drive my barge 20,000 miles (not km) a year. No issues at all, including overtaking.

The whole 'overtaking' thing is WAYYYYY overstated these days anyway. I'm 54. When I was a kid, trucks and 4 cylinder cars were slow. Now all cars go pretty fast and trucks are fitted with governors to keep their speed down. Also, most roads are multilane, so you're really not going to get 'stuck' behind anyone for an extended period.

Like Chris said about fast food. Park the car and walk in. I'm frequently amazed at how many people think this is an actual problem with owning a LHD car...
I had a great childhood, I just didn't think it would last this long.
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Old 29-07-2015, 11:25 AM
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Name: Justin
It'll all come down to $$$ Dave
If you want RHD bad enough, pursue it - it's your dream, not everyone elses - but you will save $$ LHD
Engines? - for a quick swap crate engines seem pretty good these days, however, may be worth chatting to some local engine builders in town, they may be able to tailor a build for a similar price, or maybe even pick up someone's engine for a reasonable price if they're upgrading
Interiors can be as expensive as an engine .. sometimes (always if you go full custom )
Brakes - just a basic disc upgrade? or full blown pro-touring 14" 6 piston monsters? - again, will all come down to budget
But whatever your plans, you'll save shedloads if you are handy on the tools & have time on your side
We all started from a similar position at one time or another, so there'll be plenty of advice & opinions to help you along
.. my build upgrade is consuming me
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Old 31-07-2015, 03:29 PM
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Name: Dave
Hi Again all,
yep never expected it was going to be a cheap process! Have just noticed a RHD Camaro 69 turn up on Gumtree

Anyone know anything about this car?

cheers guys am listening to all being said here!
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