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Old 11-06-2017, 07:38 PM
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Thermostat and engine temps

Hey fellas, yeah I know its another one of those threads but there is just so much conflicting info out there......

I'm going to calibrate/check my temp gauge as I have never been convinced it is correct as there seems to be a discrepancy with this and my Dakota Digital fan controller. I have bought a digital temp probe so I firstly I can check my Dakota digital fan controller and my in car gauge, once I am happy these are right want to review the setup.
Engine is 598 BBC with Perth heat to contend with in summer...

Which temp thermostat as I am going to replace? 165 or 180?
Will put new radiator cap on 15lb?
Twin thermo fans on DD controller, what temp on and what temp off as I can set these.
What is optimum running temp and what is HOT i.e. pull over?

Cheers for some nice simple answers I hope
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Old 11-06-2017, 08:01 PM
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There are conflicting parameters when it comes to 'ideal' engine temperature.

For longevity, hotter is probably better. For max power, tests that I have seen show that lower coolant temps make more HP because the incoming air is more dense [ air is not heated as much ] & therefore makes more HP.

Other things to consider: you want your cooling system to work on the hottest days, not coldest. Obviously if you are close to overheating on a cold July day, prepare for the worst on a 43* January day.....
The temp rating of a stat is it's opening temp. It takes another 20-30* to fully open, so a 180 stat may not be fully open until 210*.

My advice would be:
- use a 160 stat [ save the 180 stat for Alaska ].
- use plenty if ign timing at idle; this keeps the engine as cools as possible, & provides a temperature 'reserve' for when the engine gets loaded & temps increase.
- if you still have high temps, reduce the size of the pump bypass to about 5/16 - 3/8". American V8s have a bypass in the pump that has two functions. If the t'stat jams shut, the bypass acts as pressure relief [ bypasses the pressure ]. It also quickens warm up time because some heated coolant is routed to the inlet side of the pump. By reducing the size of the bypass, colder coolant is pumped into the engine.
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