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Old 11-08-2015, 11:02 PM
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Originally Posted by 67TT502 View Post
Muscle cars aren't made to go around corners
but it's fun to try and make them!
RIP - 1969 Camaro, green/black vinyl. BBC, th400, Holley EFI, 4.10 TrueTrac Dana 60, too much rust and not enough traction. 11.015 @ 111mph
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Old 12-08-2015, 02:50 AM
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Name: Luke

Most of the important stuff has already been covered by others.....but I am going to throw my 2-cents in anyway as I have both setups sitting i the garage, sorry for the ultra-long post, I always feel like I write ridiculously long posts on this site

Anyway the first thing you need to do is define what you want its primary use to be as both setups are VERY different. At the end of the day HP + torque are useless unless you can apply that power to the ground and the reason that both setups are so different is because the power is applied to the ground in very different ways, yes pro-touring style is more expensive but thats because theres a lot more to it however it is also much more versitile.

Pro Street / Drag: Yes this setup will be substantially faster in a straight line BUT keep in mind the key to pulling the best 1/4 times out of your car is to have it setup so ALL of the components are working at their best within the 1/4mile stretch, so your engine, rear-end/gearbox ratios, tyre sizes, stall etc all come into play...if any one of these is off the mark then your times will suffer anyway.

Suspension is only one component however if your pumping out 600-700Hp the worst case scenario of not having a decent setup is that you simply won't get the maximum power to the ground. You will probably get a decent amount of wheelspin off the line killing your 60ft time and with 600+ HP expect some wheel spin during gear changes and some potential sideways action at peak-power etc.

The main goal of drag racing suspension is to transfer weight to the rear end to maximise traction and to maintain that weight transfer throughout the pass. So a basic setup would consist of something like this:

Front end: standard 6 cylinder springs with a 90/10 race shock - that is 10% resistance to extension (quick lift) to allow the front of the car to rise and transfer weight easily with 90% resistance to compression (slow drop) so the front end is up as long as possible, if it has a front sway bar you can also remove it BUT be carful not to make your launches so hard that they twist the chassis.

Rear end (Spring): stock V8 Spring with a 50/50 Shock as you don't want it to squat to hard
Rear end (Leaf): Fit some Split Mono-Leafs with a set of CalTrac's, make sure your belts are on and hang the F#*! on! This setup launches HARD!....this is what I am running!

However, as Chris has already noted, this is exactly the opposite of what you want to get from a pro-touring setup.

Which brings me to the downside: regardless of what anyone says, the bottom line is that you can't throw a setup like that around a corner quickly under decent power.....if you try that the most likely outcome is you will turn the wheel expecting to go around the corner and end-up going in a straight line right over what ever is in front of you.

When driving with this setup you need to keep it in the back of your mind at all times that its not designed for performance handling at all, it really only serves one purpose.

and that brings me to why I bought a pro-touring Camaro, because its nice to drive on the street, I can safely put the lil man in the back to come with me and cruise all day long, but when I want to I can get it to the track for a good day of of track racing as well.

Hope this novel helps out a bit .....I really have to learn to write shorter posts
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Old 12-08-2015, 09:41 AM
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Thanks for the post.

Generally the longer post seems more thought out and ends up more helpful. So keep it up!

You said this: Pro Street / Drag: Yes this setup will be substantially faster in a straight line

What is substantially?

Is there a figure that can be given for estimation?

Lastly -

I do not want to build a 'full' drag type car... remember this car is for the street. I just wanted to 'improve' its 0-100kmh times. So, If i went 'full pro touring' - sure it is overkill, but hell, you buy a lamborghini or a GTR35 skyline, they are 'overkill' for the street to if you think about it.

Point is, Pro-touring is fine for the street. You can drive it like a normal car and not worry about going straight over a railing down a cliff.

on the other hand, I could build it with more 'straight line performance' (going pro-street direction) - however, not SO Far that way that it becomes unsafe and horrid to drive as a street car.

So from happy middle... (stock) I can go 'little more drag race setup' so its still fine for the street, with a little more emphasis on straight line, or I could say just build it flat out pro touring.

Now - between those 2, will there really be any 'advantage' in 0-100kmh times, with the same 600-700 HP engine, or in that case, may as well go pro-touring as there isn't enough 'drag setup' for it to make it any quicker, all it does is stop handling but all else pretty much ends up the same.???

I want my big HP charger to pretty much go 0-100kmh in 3.0 seconds like supercars, like skylines.

Somebody told me, stick some slicks on the back, and weight transfer, n that wont be a problem with 600HP. While at the same time they said as a pro-touring setup it would be very hard to achieve that (without launch control and all the other stuff).

So this is why I wondered, 'how much' difference would it make. Will my pro-touring build with 700HP go 0-100kmh in 4.0 seconds (so slower than supercars/skylines off a light), while If I build it more towards pro-street (still streetable, so not ALL the way) it would actually give those supercars/skylines a run for their money?

Or in both situations it wont unless i go 'full pro-street' which ends up not nice as a street car or safe.

Thats where I am coming from.
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Old 12-08-2015, 10:13 AM
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Originally Posted by bezerk68 View Post
Changing the ride height and wheels will improve handling, pro touring setups are overkill for the street, more designed for competition use. I haven't driven a car with coil overs that is comfortable.
I get ya drift, but for me, I think it'd be better than single leafs with air shocks. Might not be as comfortable but will be better than driving a waterbed. You're definitely gonna compromise on comfort for handling though.

I reckon a Hotchkis type setup would be a good start, Plus new bushes, tie rods etc.
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Old 12-08-2015, 11:50 AM
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Name: Chris
3 seconds 0-100. Not many PT or Pro-street cars do that.

My Camaro is a mix of PT and PS. with plenty of HP and no way it does 0-100 in 3 secs
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