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Originally Posted by 70Chev View Post
Went and picked Mum up in the Camaro to take her to brunch with the family for Mothers Day. At first she thought it was cool, but quickly changed her mind. Wanted to know why the car was so loud, why she could smell fuelley exhaust fumes, why it rocked from side to side at the traffic lights, why is was so low. I replied "cos muscle car".

Anyway, suffice to say my brother took her home in their family car and both Mum and I were happy with that. I took the opportunity to have a nice drive along the Shorncliffe and Redcliffe beach fronts and it was such a beautiful day. I stopped and took a couple of photos.

The car ran perfectly and I had a blast.

If you guys get sick of the photos, just let me know.

Attachment 35275

Attachment 35276

Attachment 35277

Attachment 35278

Attachment 35279

Attachment 35280

Thanks for checking in.

My mum had the exact opposite reaction she loves it. So much so I put her behind the wheel (although she was nervous driving mine, she still enjoyed it)
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