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Originally Posted by StephenSLR View Post
You don't need import approval if this is the case.

Are you saying that a govt. department decided to throw away all their previous records because of a new database system?

Fkn unbelievable!

I also find it unusual that an owner of a car and a US car at that, doesn't have a scrap of paperwork to show proof of ownership; could be stolen. Everyone would know if you want to sell a car you keep the last rego paper to sign the back of it before you swap hands.

I'd be shopping for something else just to avoid the headache, drama, extra costs and the possibility a previous owner might recognise his stolen car, then you'll be in a world of pain.

They would've got copies of the original import approvals or documents saying their cars had previously been imported with approval rather than new import approvals for their car

If the above-mentioned car was imported as a wreck, for spares, racing, etc. you may find it did not ever have approval for registration and it won't be able to be registered.

No, they actually got new approval...
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