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Hey guys, so thanks for your replies around this.

I was looking at a 1976 Chevy Blazer with RHD conversion & factory 400 SBC.

It was advertised in the low/mid-teens for a while, but got dropped to $10k as it needed more work that the ad first implied & was a mess, piled with parts etc. I went to inspect it and really dug it. Load of potential to finish off to be a cool rig (that I see as appreciating, as Broncos have done).

It was at this time I did the full background check and made the owner aware of the sitch not being on the database. He chased prior-owning family members etc for a rego etc, but to no avail. So i walked away, then a month later it got relisted at a (seemingly crazy cheap) $6.5k, prompting this thread. But got snapped up after a few days.

Funnily enough, two weeks later and it's listed again, but in Qld and fully cleaned up etc, for $8.5k. Either a family member is helping with the sale or somebody got it for a quick (low profit) flip.

Anyhoo, I can't really take on another project right now, but was nice checking it out, researching these things and playing with the idea I spent hours climbing all over it, so if any members interested, happy to share deets. Cheers.

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