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Originally Posted by cluxford View Post
Yeah not so sure anymore.

Mines got a lot of the same mods and I drive mine all the time, ask Deano, went to his missus house on Sat arvo in the pissing down rain. His father-in-law to be was impressed at 3 in the car lean on the go pedal and sideways...

I know Goliath gets driven...that thing is off the scale in terms of custom.

I think more and more of these type of custom cars get driven. The mag says he plans to do a few shows then powercruise (whenever that is)
So that's 2 cars out of how many thousand? Not pissing on anybody's steps, just being real. This is a custom show car, nothing more. The fact it might see street time is a fact f it being a car. You're the 1 in 1000 that didn't put it in the garage the minute it hit a pothole.

Sh*t. 95% of Pro-touring builds don't get monthly cruised, let alone "pro-toured".
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