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*continued from above post.

Heads Casting No.


*was pulled from the left side head between the first and second cylinder (in the row).

Can be either out of a 454 or 402. If this was the only thing that had a 454 next to it I wouldn’t be worried, as allot of 427 were changed over to the bigger 454 heads. But it wasn’t.

Production Date Stamp

Had the date stamp of ‘A27*1’

From this we can say it was produced:

A – January
27 – 27th
1 – 1971

January 27’th 1971 (second Picture)

All this can also be checked on this site:

Also the engine number..

*Engine number (found next to the suffix code)

11L141XXX (last 3 digits removed for privacy)

1 - Chevy
1 - 1971
L – Vehicle Assembly Plant – Los Angeles, California
141XXX – Partial Vin number

So by doing all this I concluded that the motor was a 454.. Maybe (but a big maybe) it is a 427 but I wasn't going to rush myself into it.. I have plenty of time until I need a motor...
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