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Jesse contacted us on October 6th about Freight item # 10566

The item showed as "Pending" in our freight system.

October 7th Jesse provided a delivery notification dated 6/8/2016 but it did not indicate the delivery address nor was there a signature for delivery so he actually has no proof of where the package was delivered and at no time between June 8th and October 6th did the client notify us that the status of his freight did not match the delivery notification from his supplier.

This particular container was unpacked and inspected by US Customs which delayed its departure and resulted in freight being repacked by US Customs.

Despite Jesse's opinion our staff did do a search of the warehouse to confirm that package #10566 was not in the warehouse and the POD provided by the client was not signed and did not provide the delivery address.

The delivery that he is complaining about did take 3 months to land but we fully disclose that we are a small shipping company that has only shipped 49 x 40' containers this year and the middle 6 months of the year was very slow. There may be delays that are beyond our control including an earthquake 7 miles from our trans ship port, one of the largest shipping companies in the world going out of business and dumping containers all over the world etc, etc.

So Jesse is entitled to his opinion. After shipping close to 500 containers I think we have a pretty good handle on the situation even though reality doesn't always meet some peoples expectations.

Jesse your emails were not ignored, all have been responded to with the exception of your last email which signed off "I will advise my solicitor's next step" which indicates that we are to wait for further communication.

And I will leave it at that!
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