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Then I did a test fit of where the subframe connector will bolt up, it bolts to the bracket that holds the front of the rear spring onto the car, the connector must be jacked up under a fair bit of load to meet with the frame where it is to be welded, once I had it on place I marked off where on the frame the front bracket is to be welded

Then I cleaned off all the areas that will need some welding, the bolts that hold the rear spring bracket need to be welded to the end of the connector

Then I started to clean up where the bracket for the subframe connector will weld onto the front frame

& the end of the connector will need to be welded to the bracket that connects it to the car itself

I’ve removed the pitman & idler arms from the steering also

I have a brand new steering box here for her & I’m thinking that I might have a look & see what’s involved in swapping that over whilst the car is in the air & all of the steering arms are off anyway..

All that was left then for the afternoon was to start cleaning up any & all parts that are to be reused on the car like the leaf spring brackets

We’re completely up to date with the project now… & there will be at a bit of a standstill now for a little bit as I’ve just ordered some new parts & I can’t put the new bits on until all the new parts now show up, also the welding is the other reason that progress has stopped as I don’t own a welder, nor would I know one end of a welder from the other.. so I’m on the hunt for a good welder who both owns a welder & is willing to spent some time under my car welding o the bits I need welded.. hopefully it’s not too long before I find a welder & the other parts turn up as I’ll be away travelling for most of May which would push this project into June… not something I want.

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Ok, well it’s been a while since I updated this thread… mind you it’s also been a while since I was actually in the garage working on the car. I’ve had a busy few weeks with work that saw me travelling back to Cork for a bit & then I went to the US for 2 week with my brother to drive Route 66 again.. so I’ve lost weeks on this project now… I plan to put some hours in this week to get the bloody thing back on the ground on it’s own wheels again.

So first things first I found someone who knew how to weld & they agreed to spend an evening under my car welding on the new brackets for the rear sway bar & also welding in the sub-frame connectors that are park of the kit I ordered.

The two halves of the brackets where welded together on the bench before measuring them up for the final fitment & welding onto the rear chassis rail

Next up was the test fitment of the sub-frame connector,

The way this fits is that you need to weld in the bolts that go through the frame & also hold the bracket for the rear spring on

Once we where happy with the fitment & the alignment we welded the bracket onto the end of the connector

Then I splashed it with a quick blast of paint as I knew it would sit like this now for 5 weeks or so… I’ll sand this back later & put a better finish on it.

All welded up… no going back now unless I’m willing to grind these off

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Next step was to properly clean up & paint all of the old bits that are actually going back onto the car

Then just before I was set to ship off for a few weeks of travel another box of goodies turned up… I need to replace the seat belts to meet the Australian ADR’s & I really didn’t want to go with the crappy black plastic ones with the bright orange button… I did some research & found a company in the states called Morris Classic Concepts in the US & they advertised that they sold set of replacement seat belts that look original but meet all the new standards including the Australian ADR’s & they make the kits specific to your car, so they are not a one size almost fits all.. so I ordered a set of fronts for the Challenger… sadly they don’t make the rears yet

I really really like the fact that I can have chrome, as I often say sometimes it’s the smallest of things

Proof that they meet the Aussie standard AS2596

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We had some dinner guests coming over last night so I only had an hour that I could spend in the garage bolting stuff back together.. I started with the simple bits, so bolted the new idler arm on

I wasn’t planning on replacing the pitman arm on the steering box this time as I will be pulling the engine at some stage to replace the whole steering box… but that plan was foiled by muppetry on the part of a past owner.. instead of using split pins that can be easily removed to secure the castellated nut on the pitman arm they hammered a nail thru & then cut the ends off making it almost impossible to get the bloody nut off & completely impossible to reuse the pitman arm now… if you look closely at the pic below you can see the what’s left of the nail jammed into the hole

Next up was to reassemble the lower control arms, so I installed the new bump stops & got all the bits I need to install the new pivot shafts

I really like the design of the new pivot shafts they are hollow to allow for the fitment of a grease nipple in the end & you can see in this pic one of the two holes in the shaft next to my thumb

Had to press in the new metal sleeve, the rubber & then the actual pivot shaft itself, using my bench vice, I really must buy a proper press.. all the parts in the kit came with their own little packets of grease or super grease as Hotchkis label it & I gotta tell ya it felt very tacky & not grease like at all… but its what the makers recommend so I lubed everything up

Then I installed the lower ball joint & loosely installed the adjustable strut rod, both lower arms are now ready to go..

Looking at it I think it has to be installed a single unit.. if I put the lower arm on & bolt it up I don’t think there will be enough wiggle room to be able to install the strut rod, so I think this is how I’ll bolt them in.. with a bit of luck I’ll get to spend a bit more time tonight & Friday night & get more of this puzzle back together

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