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Good stuff Darren....

My advice, don't do things half arsed!!

I knew my engine wasn't going to cope with a supercharger, but I just wanted to say that I had done it. That said, it was cool driving it for a short while with one on!!

as far as engine is concerned, I just had mine rebuilt by a really cluey fella, if you need an engine done at a reasonable price he can sort you out:

should be upwards of 350hp (heard the 400hp number being thrown around a bit, not sure if it is quite up there though), can take a 200 shot of nitrous no problems and didn't cost me my leg. Shane is located on the Sunshine Coast and works on some amazing cars for a day job......

let me know when you are ready and I can hook you up.

Yup........ I own me a muscle caw.
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