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Been doing a bit of research lately about full chassis vs a front subframe and rear clip

The best full frame option is the Fast Track chassis from The Roadster Shop.

This is the only full frame setup that I've found which doesn't require the floorpans to be replaced with custom sheetmetal (too much effort for something people won't see!), but does replace the rear frame rails (which are rusted out and need replacing).

This build shows the install in a stock-floor 69 camaro

  • Looks like a very high quality unit
  • No concerns about bent or miss-aligned body mounts
  • Easy install. No harder than subframe connectors
  • Body bolts to the chassis via body mounts. Will have to tie the roll cage to the body and bolt the body to the chassis. not too sure if this is the safest and most rigid option?
  • Can only accommodate a 275 wide front tyre
  • Dear as poison. Starts at $17k USD with base shocks and no brakes

The other 2 options are separate front and rear clips connected by chassis connectors.

Both Chassisworks and Art Morisson make rear-clips which weld in and can repalace the thin, corroded rear frame rails.

I also want to mount a fuel cell (bladder type for track safety) recessed in the boot floor and replacing the rear frame rails will allow me to raise the fuel cell for ground and exhaust clearance.

I can always mix and match front subframes (DSE or speedtech) with the above rear clips .

Any chassis gurus out there
Will a full chassis will give any strength or stiffness advantage over a strengthened rear unibody design with chassis connectors and at least a 4 point cage?
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