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Thanks Sean. Might leave that to the engineer to translate. Given I will be paying them $1500 or so - I'll leave it to the experts ; )

OK - so unfortunately Jean @ Bonneville is saying he no longer works on Camaro type vehicles. Which is disappointing.

Either way - he re-directed to another guy called Paul Bottomly - who works for Automotive Performance Solutions in Thomastown VIC.

Interesting to note, that another VASS engineer "who said he was too busy for that type of work" also re-directed me to Paul as well.

So two VASS engineers have pointed me to the same guy.

I have left various messages and emails with other VASS signatories who work in the light vehicle class and they are VERY hard to pin down.

Not all of them do site visits either - as I am learning.

This is getting much harder than I thought.
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