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dunno how closely VIC applies the Australia Wide VSB standards, but here is an extract that may help you

Where change is made to the suspension or steering system design, the basic functional and construction requirements are provided as a guide for suitably qualified and experienced signatories when designing or certifying such modifications or conversions.
Each design should be fully documented, with drawings, calculations, procedural details, test results, wheel alignment specifications and any other data necessary to fully describe the vehicle modifications and should have a unique design number. The design document should contain:
 Details of all drawings needed to fully describe the full extent of the modification;
 Details of any special modification techniques, procedures or adjustments; and
 Details of any testing of components (e.g. X-rays of modified drag links) and performance (e.g. bump steer plots) with related acceptance criteria.
Ie. the Engineer needs to be happy the ridetech system meets the VSB criteria and the documentation satisfies the above criteria.

VSB14 section LS is what you're after. A bit of light reading here
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