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Ridetech II suspension on 68 Camaro - anyone engineered for VIC?

Hi Guys,

I did do a search on this, but could not find a definitive answer from my investigation on the forums.

I have an email inquiry with Airide (VIC suspension supplier) as well, but thought I would pick some brains here.

Now I know from my reading that peeps are running the Ridetech gear with no issues, but what I need to know for sure if anyone has actually engineered it in VIC. Seen some mention of NSW member going through the process on here, BUT the post never actually reached a conclusion on the matter that I could see.


Ridetech Coilover package (front and rear) in Victoria. Anyone run it past an engineer and is anyone using it legally?

I know people have added with going through the fuss, but personally, can't say I am keen to be involved in a serious bingle thru some other idiot on the road and have Aussie five-O staring at my non-engineered suspension package asking a lot of questions. Things get ugly very quickly in those situations.....

So yeah - want to keep it all legit.

Your assistance greatly appreciated.

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