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Tracking down Corina, who was the last US owner, was quite easy for me.. Like I said, I have all her name and address on the pink-slip.
However, because she doesn't live there anymore, I was lucky that her name and suburb came up in a Yahoo! internet search.
She has her own website dedicated to native Americans Indians (because she is partly Cherokee I think).
Anyway, she is great to talk to and was really flipped out to learn her old Camaro was being looked after here in Australia and under-going restoration.

"Maybe" was bought from Corina on the 4th of June 1989 for just US$1350 by Kosta Skliros of Wantirna here in Melbourne.. (Does that name ring a bell?)
Also, if any of you know Con Manzaris, (think Street Rod registration) he imported the car from California.

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