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Name: Jake
Big block sold meaning i can start to order all the new suspension and parts i want for the LS swap. The big block was a bunch of fun but just wasn't quite what i wanted so I'm keen to move on and actually build a car myself.

Deposit taken for motor last night so didnt waste any time, started to strip the car down.

Plan for the car is the speedtech extreme subframe, torque arm, willwood 6/4 piston setup, LS3, TR6060 and all the small pieces to support this. Full rewire of the car, sound deadning etc etc. Exterior will remain the same for now so i can get the car dialed and then pretty it all up with fresh paint and replace any panels

Wheels and tyres looking at 285 / 335 with DSE mini tubs in the rear, unsure of wheels as yet forgelines are awesome but big money!

Stay tuned
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