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Whilst I was away in the US my new wheels turned up… they are 17” versions of the original 14” Magnum wheels that where shipping on the cars back in the day… I went with 17x8 for the fronts & 17x9 for the rears

I also got a new set of shiny centre caps for the wheels..

I needed to get a set of 17’ wheels to go over the big break upgrade that’s (hopefully) in shipping right now to me & I’m not mad on most modern 17” wheels on Muscle Cars, but I think that these look the part as they are copies of the original design..

Now to go tire shopping, sadly I don’t think that anyone makes a 17’ tire with raised white lettering & I will miss that classic Muscle car styling cue.. but so be it

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A small update from the log weekend just gone, we had plans to be with friends & the like so not a lot happened in fairness.. but the few small things that did happen made a huge difference..

First up, I had a very small job that gave more satisfaction that I can even begin to convey.. the task involved 2 screws & 2 small bolts… these where used to attach the Vic plates to the old girl… yes after what seems like forever she is finally legally on the road now.. happy days indeed now

Now in order to get the plates yet another engineering inspection was required, so off I drove to have that done & I noticed a few issues (to be expected with a car that’s been apart for a year)… first up was the gear linkage wasn’t set right anymore after the gearbox removal & refit, this intrigued me I must say as I hadn’t alter the length of the cable & the gearbox is in the same hole it came out of.. anyway the linkage was too long & when in D it was pushing on the selector so when you put your foot into it or taped the gearshift it would pop into neutral.. & reverse was a bit hard to find, you had to wiggle the shifter forward & back to find it… not the end of the world but annoying. So up the hoist went & I had a close look at how the linkage is adjusted…

Luckily it’s so simple that it’s a 2 minute job, disconnect the cable from the selector shaft & let it hang down

Then just move the round block at the end to adjust the length of the cable, now all the gears are where I expect them to be & it holds in everyone

Once done with that I decided to bolt on a wheel so I could look at the gaps & measure the clearance I have to work out what tires I can fit without touching the guards or relocating the rear springs.

From what I’ve measured & what YearOne recommend & doing the math to try & match the 14” rolling diameter I’m going with 245/45R17 up front & 275/40R17 for the rears..

My replacement rubber kit for the doors & windows turned up, but I didn’t have time to tackle that this weekend… so they can wait..

Now some other new issues that I found on my shake down run are that my dash lights no longer work…. They were on but a bit dim the other night & I casually & perhaps a little too expectantly reached for the dimmer knob & turned it with confidence… misplaced confidence it seems as the whole dash just went black & that was all she wrote! Bugger! So I couldn’t find a NOS dimmer switch, but I have found a refurbished one & ordered that, so looks like the dash is coming out again soon..

The other issue I found is that my alternator is now dead… it’s giving out just on 11 volts.. so a new one has been ordered too, for now I’ll just have to charge the battery & drive only in daylight if I absolutely need to get the car out.

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Took the wheels down to the local tire joint this morning & had some new rubber fitted up to the wheels… I gotta say I really love how these Magnums have turned out, they look better in person than the pictures show & they look good in the pics…

That’s it until my parts arrive…. Oh & yes I know I have to pull the wheels off again to fit the centre caps.. but as they require some fettling to fit, I’ll get to that on the weekend..

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So yet again my work life & lack of parts has gotten in the way of play here… so as I’d said within a day of getting the car on the road my alternator failed & only reads 11v at best & the dimmer switch on my dash seems to have died when I went to adjust it & has taken all my dash lights with it…. So off I went to the internet that night & I ordered a replacement dash dimmer from the US & a replacement alternator from Sydney & given the need for the alternator is greater than the need for the dash dimmer switch I opted for expedited shipping of the alternator from Sydney as last week was only a 3 day work week..

So before I packed my bags to hit the road for work this turned up from the US… I couldn’t believe how fast it came..

It looks brand new… I didn’t want to pull the dash out yet as I figured my Alternator coming from so close would be here any day.. but it never came.. I was told yesterday that it will take a few more days, I should have ordered one from the states.. would have been quicker I reckon.. hopefully it will be at home waiting for me when I return & I’ll fit it then along with the wheel centre caps I have..

Looks like a nice simple job, the backing plate goes in from behind & sits against the inner lip & then screws the cap on.. should finish the wheels off nicely..

I now fear it will be bloody winter before I have the car ready to drive.. at least with the new alternator I’ll be able to run the lights & the wipers I guess & I’ll fit the new rubber seals so it’ll be dry inside…


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