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I decided to replace the whole metering block rather than just clean it up & replace the powervalve & the jets, the one on the rebuilt 350 I had was an exact match, so I spent quite a while & a lot of happy smelling Carb cleaner going over all the bits that I was going to reuse & she seemed to clean up a treat

Of course there was no inline filters in either of the 3 Carbs on the car, so I decided to fit some new ones along with new retainers, I don’t know if they really do a lot, but I had them so why not fit them I figured

I then hooked up my shiny new hard fuel lines & connector blocks.. & they leak…. Bugger… but from what I can gather on the interweb, they all leak.. new or old doesn’t seem to matter, so I’m in two minds now, do I try & seal these up or just chuck them & make up a set of sealed braided lines to do the same job but with some flexibility built in…

With the newly rebuilt Carb back on the car I decided to leave the two outer Carbs disconnected & only work on tuning the centre one.. before too long I got her to a nice mix where she was running nicely & you could actually stand at the back of the car without the exhaust fumes making your eyes water.. once that was done I then spent some time getting the linkage lengths for the two outer Cards adjusted up so that they were fully closed when running on the centre carb alone & fully in sync when they kicked in, looking at the marks on the threads for where they were to where they are now shows that they were always open a wee bit in the past..

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Next job was to replace my wiper motor with the rebuilt one I got, should be a simple 5 minute job I figured…

It’s only 3 nuts on the front, one wire connector block & one nut on the rear where it connects to the arm… how hard could it be..

I noticed something was off when I was undoing the 3 front nuts... they were not all the same size… actually all three where different… so great more past mechanical muppetry to deal with.. once I had the old one off I was able to see clearly the issue..

Two of the three studs that are welded into the body are very badly damaged… the thread has been stripped off by someone using the wrong nuts & just forcing them down the studs….

The one above is the worst… I’m going to try & see if I can save these by rethreading them with a tap & die set… but I fear that they may be gone too far.. if they are then I will have to cut them off & drill them out of the car & use bolts to replace them I guess… not happy!!

I checked the old & new wiper motors & they seem to be identical so that’s a plus at least I guess…

So this will probably be it for a while now as I have a bit of travel coming up both for work & for a bit of a holiday so it will be a few weeks before I can get back to this… hopefully the last of the parts I’m waiting on will arrive whilst I’m away so I can get on with this & get to driving the car again….

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Ok, so it’s been a while since I updated this thread.. I was travelling for a while & then work was crazy busy & then I was waiting for some parts to arrive & long story short I only really got around to doing anything with the car in the last week….

The first job was to finish what should have been a simple swap out of the wiper motor… so as you may remember from above the 3 bolts where stuffed & the threads badly damaged… so it was out with my trusty tap & die set again…

Now as you can see this is a T bar die set… & the area I needed to get this into was not really what you’d want for such a tool… if it wasn’t for the fact that this was late at night & I just wanted to get this done I’d have waited & bought a die nut to do this in a fraction of the time

But I was not going to let it go another day without doing something to the car… so there was a lot of removing one handle & getting a bit of turn then swapping handles going on…

But in the end I did manage to get all three bolts tidied up nicely..

Finally an end to what should have been a 5 minute job..

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Next up was to replace the wiper switch in the dash that is shorting out & getting red hot with the NOS switch that I got off the interweb..

The dash has been apart for a while now as I never put it back together after replacing the headlight switch with the NOS one of those I had, so it was easy to get to the wiper switch as it was on the bench.. now the wiper switch is activated by a control knob which would need to be removed..

Now I would have assumed that everyone knew that these are normally always held on with a tiny grub screw, as you can see here

However mine is showing the clear signs of where someone in the cars past has just used a pliers to pull the knob off & has damaged it… I must look into getting a replacement one as the feel of this one now annoys me, for now I’ll just swap it with the dimmer switch one that I never use

The wiper switch is held into the switch cluster with a nut on the threaded barrel of the switch

Once that is off there is slot cut in the panel & a key on the switch that you must rotate to line up to allow you to slide the old switch out..

Once I fitted the new switch I tested it all 3 or 4 times to be sure to be sure that I don’t need to remove the dash again in a hurry


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