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Mike spent pretty well all day under the dash. It got to a stage that everytime I heard the word F#@K, I had to go and take a photo. Some slipped by as I couldn’t stop what I was doing.

Near the end of the day, I put my phone in the picture with the time on it. All of those pics and times were major “dummie spits”.

Shelby decided to eat an apple

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Just thought I would share this as Mike and myself were very proud of what we had achieved over the weekend. There was the annual freedomfest held here on Saturday and Sunday for bikes and cars (very big event).We entered Sheri’s 64 falcon and decided to enter the green machine under a “works in progress” entry. In all there was 5 unfinished cars/restorations that were also at the event…maybe more as we shot off for most of the day after hanging around for an hour.

We also entered my 48 Sunbeam in the open bikes under “vintage” section. There was close to 1000 bikes at the event and probably over 3 million dollars entered under the bike show alone

Sheri took 3rd place with her pink 64 falcon
Mike and myself took 1st place for the 68 green machine
And to finish the day off, I took 1st place for the 48 Sunbeam. Not just winning a very cool American eagle trophy, but interviewed by some TV bike show, and a photo shoot for next issue of …ummm…some biker mag ….and offered to have a huge feature in next month’s iron and lace magazine with some chick on the bike…spose that’s why they call it iron and lace

The whole day, I thought I had left the camera at the office and when we got home, found it under NPD catalogue LOL. Kinda pi55ed about that as there were some really nice cars at the car show and for those that like bikes, well…its America…everything was off tap or naked. We continued to celebrate throughout the night to all hours of the morning. Was very pleased to get John a trophy for his baby before its even finished and while it still here in the states. A little bit of history already for John to take back home when he’s over here in August

Congrats John

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A lot of the small fidly bits have been blasted/painted/rebuilt…basically all the stuff that sucks during re-assembly. All the windows are now in with all new mechanisms. Rear windows still being worked on. Under dash is pretty well complete. Electric top all operational.

And after staring at that 390 forever, its finally in without even 1 nick on the engine bay paint

Should have the drive shaft, trans lines, exhaust, radiator, hood, and power steering all fitted up

Have “mwizz” from the forum coming over on Sunday to have a look at his 68 X code coupe so he will see the car before John does. Would be good to hear it run by the end of the day but we’ll see how we go. I have promised John a video of that moment should it occur


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