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By request of Sheri, I was forced to stay home today so I decided to try and unfold the build sheet without breaking it. Ive done this before but it is very nerve racking and you need to be extremely patient when separating all the pages as there glued together and brittle. Not all of them are, I pulled one out of a 1 owner 67 fastback last week and it unfolded easy as. This one seems extremely brittle.

I boiled up some water in the microwave, laid down a Tea towel to absorb the condensation from the pan I was going to cover over the boiling water with the build sheet under there aswell. Left it for 4 hours, came back and managed to get one fold open but that was a little pain in the a55. But alteast now the outer pages are not as brittle.

I know its no biggy to some about finding your build sheet and having a pictorial about how to salvage one without breaking it, but Im stuck home all day laid up on the couch and wanted to do it anyway. I hope it may benefit some.

I boiled some more water and started the process again. I forgot to metion, you have to leave a gap at the base of the pan or you will soke your document and turn it soggy. The rest of the pics are taken through out the day. Leaving the sheet under the pan on each UNFOLD if that’s what you call it

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Now if you cant read that, that must be something wrong with you….LOL 
I managed to save 99.9%. I partially lost a page number but nothing relevant to the specs on the car. Before I went to lay the sheet flat, I quickly hit it with some steam from an iron, let it sit for a few minutes then gave it one good burst of steam from the iron then applied some pressure from the iron to get all the wrinkles out. Came out a treat. Believe it not, the hardest part was putting it in the clear folder

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Part 6 “Walk of the Shebangie”
Been pretty busy since the last post so I haven’t had a chance to post any updates. We got the new brake booster and master cylinder painted up, ran all the fuel and brake lines, Mike repaired the engine bay loom and re-wrapped it. Got the dash all painted along with the doors. All the internals of the door where blasted and primed. Rebuilt the entire heater box balsting all the little bits that where steel.

Got the brake booster and steering column blasted and fitted (had to repaint it twice as I scratched the bugger) Damn rag joint was a pain in the A55, was late on Friday and I had already opened the bag with all the rag joint bolts and the pie shaped washers from the old one so I zip locked them into a bag and taped them to the steering colomn…do you think I find them yesterday…tottaly forgot where I had put them…walked around for 3 hours looking for them….Sheri finally found them.

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Finally got the new electric motor fitted and ran all the lines. I had come in on a Sunday several months back and blasted the convertible top frame, primed it, then painted it a nice satin flat black. Was very happy with how it came up actually. There wasn’t any pitting in the frame anywhere. Came up really nice.

Now for the final fitment of the convertible top.
Just for shi7s and giggles we through it on for a larf


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