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this is not mine....

But found this on Lat-G

"Roadster Shop's" truck....

wow !!

didn't meet requirements for "muscle car of the year"

3 main events: Autocross, 1/4 mile drag and 1/8 mile speed stop. After the runs on each are complete, the results are averaged.

Final results:


Roadster Shop '70 C10 pick-up - 51.3573 average (Exhibition Run)
Detroit Speed- '66 Mustang fastback- 51.54967
Kevin Miller- '69 Camaro- 51.645
Alan Johnson- '66 Nova- 53.371

1/4 Mile Drag Race:

Year One- '73 Trans Am- 11.803 average
Roadster Shop '70 C10 pick-up - 12.31 average (Exhibition Run)
Ken Edwards- '66 Mustang- 12.462 average
Detroit Speed- '66 Mustang fastback- 12.55 average

1/8 Mile Speed-Stop

Detroit Speed- '66 Mustang fastback- 9.245 average
Year One- '73 Trans Am- 9.267 average
Roadster Shop '70 C10 pick-up - 9.323 average (Exhibition Run)
Jon Clark- '68 Valiant- 9.324 average
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