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Originally Posted by Frenchy666 View Post
i just swapped my camaro over from shannons to enthusiasts with an agreed value of 85k which is the same as shannons ($920/yr) and got it down to $385/yr which seems pretty good to me.

I am about to swap the wife's Jeep over too as it is about $200 cheaper than RAC ($650/yr)
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Originally Posted by SirGeo View Post
I've got 5 cars with Shannon's, recently called them for a review, i got a small discount (moved 1 car to a limited use vehicle) and saved $80..

Problem is it's all tied up with home insurance etc.. (bundle discount)

I'll have to give Enthusiast Ins. a call tomorrow and see what they can do, if total saved is better than what i save on bundling i'll definitely move..
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