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Originally Posted by rodent View Post
Chris, blew 2 clutches in the same spot, at a similar time of day

Both clutches were the same, both folded the spring straps on the diaphragm. I have been driving high hp stick cars for years and never done this before.

I am moving to a different style this time, hopefully keep it together long enough to get a tune into my E85 carb
I've only ever blown one clutch, it wasn't even a high powered car, but it was really hard driving through U turn windy roads uphill and downhill. For those in NSW it was Galston Gorge. I drove it every day really early morning to go get the train in Hornsby. I drove it hard, my record sign to sign from one side to the other was 7 mins. Driving at signed speed limits it was a 25-27 min drive. That killed my clutch...that was 1993 in a brand new Suzuki Swift GTi which I still rate as one of my fav all time cars. That thing was a little rocket ship.
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