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Well said Geoff - it's dumbed down assuming people can't drive - even though they have a license and to make money.

From my personal experience and my last fine (which my wife was driving as all our cars are regoed in my name) it was after midnight. Noone around and we were doing 68 in a 60 zone then 3ks off so booked for 65.During the day you would struggle to do 40 or 50 there.

I was surprised to see a mobile car that late and now I realise its the only time they would make some money. There is no flash now so I reckon probably every car that went thru got done.

The difference between the US and AU when they invent some new whizz-bang technology:

US : How do we weaponize it ?
AU : How to we revenue raise with it ?

I would like to see the sheriff try clamping some good old boy's truck in the south US - they would have to identify him/her from their dental records.

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