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Speaking for myself & what I observe on the road, a lot of people are getting fined for the wrong thing. No allowance is made for drivers using common sense. With a rising road toll in NSW, the HWP is just revenue raising, hiding behind trees, instead of getting amongst the traffic & booking people for hogging the rt lane when they are not overtaking; this causes frustration & accidents.

Some other observations:
- on a 90 kph road that I have travelled for decades, I have often seen the errant motorist booked for a few K's over the limit in light traffic conditions when it is safe to do so, but have NEVER seen somebody fined for hogging the rt lane which ocurs regularly.
- on this same stretch of road there have have been multiple fatal truck crashes because trucks did not engage 1st gear [ as the sign says ] when descending a steep hill. They use the brakes instead of low gear, & run out of brakes. Have NEVER seen a truck booked, despite numerous fatalities. The police in this instance pick on the easy prey, the car driver, not those that are killing people.
- a bike gets booked for 200 on a 110 freeway. 90k over the limit. No other traffic around, no side streets, clear weather, only the rider is at risk. Another driver goes through a 40 kph school zone at 70, with lots of kids milling about. Only 30 kph over the limit. Which is more dangerous.....but which one makes the 6pm news...

And then we have the stupid laws [ NSW anyway ]. Must keep 1m from a push bike. 'But, but officer, I was at least 1.001m from the bike....'

In pouring rain, poor visibility, night time, there is no legal requirement to reduce speed below the posted speed limit. Yet, it would in some situations, be wise to slow down....but you don't get booked if you don't slow down. Contrast this to a fine day, little or no traffic, good visibility, safe to do a few K's over the limit...& you get booked.
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