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Originally Posted by SS6789 View Post
Thanks guys. I am really disappointed about the engine but want to sort it out ASAP.

Budget won't allow things to get out of control. Depending on teardown result I will try & limit it to a new block. May have to extend it to rods & pistons if I go to a Dart block with 4.5/4.6" bore....

Let me know if anyone has a block available that may suit.
Crickey! this sounds all too familiar... mine had the crate engine that lasted about 9 months then nek minute... water out exhaust so heads off to reveal crack in cylinder wall. I hope yours isnt that bad.

Good luck and all I can say...12 months later... and still not back on road, is be patient with it and enjoy the build
68 Camaro, 434 finally back on the road!
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