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Originally Posted by _Brenton_ View Post
Has anyone got any recommendations of who to use and not to use as far as aftermarket suppliers go? So far I've only ordered bits off ebay and haven't ventured into the Classic Industries/Impala Bobs domains.
When scouring sites for parts, do yourself a favour and send an email regarding stock before placing an order.

I did that, and I found Impala Bob's was one of the worst. Everything was on back-order. They're also one of those sites that, regardless of how long they've been operating and selling a part for, they still don't have a single photo for 50% of their stock. I avoid those type sites like the plague.

Classic Industries wasn't much different - and they had ridiculously excessive shipping & handling costs.

For the most part, I have purchased every aftermarket part I wanted for my car from eBay, Amazon, Summit, and Jegs. Bare in mind, all but a few of the parts are all from the same manufacturer. So regardless of where you purchase it from, chances are you'll be getting the exact same part.

You'll also find that, specifically with the 67 Impala, it is the red-headed step child of the Impala family - most of the stuff you want isn't reproduced, so buying used or NOS parts on eBay will be your only real option.
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