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Made a mistake. Th discs are 12.19". Not 11.75"

Install was pretty straight forward, even with one person. Just made sure I lubed everything before I put it in. Saves crawling around and putting a neck out later.

I can't stop looking at this bit..

There seems to be plenty of front space clearance on these rims... Can't wait to get it on the ground.

The only thing that concerns me is the torque arm to pinion mount bracket bolts. They are almost the closest thing to the ground. There is probably a difference of one inch between the bottom of the rim to the head of the bolt once I remove the washers. I wonder why they didn't make the bracket shallower and recess the bolts in the torque arm. If you had the unfortunate event of hitting a rock or something hard and shear off the bolts, that's be pretty ugly. Once I get it on the ground i will measure the distance to the ground and look at possibly altering it so the bolts are recessed. Basically means cutting and welding the bottom plate of the torque arm. We'll cross that bridge when we get too it.

Anyway, happy days. Next up, finish brake system.

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