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Hi guys,

This is an old thread (I started it last year), but I am finally going through the motions of this suspension upgrade. Thought I would resurrect it.

I have reached out to multiple engineers - including jean (mentioned above) and I will confirm the outcome of the process.

Frank351 - I know your comment is almost 12 month old, BUT for the sake of others maybe reading this - the RSS kit has already gone through local testing, so is generally pretty easy for engineer to approve.

The ridetech kit is not tested by the manufacturer as such to meet aussie standards, although I have no doubt it will meet such standards. US manufacturers build for US market, not ours, so do not bother going through all the testing approvals a local outfit like RSS has.

One engineer mentioned potentially needing to computer model spindles in order to run simulations for potential failure etc etc. Eeek. Don't think he will be getting my business....but anyway..

I will come back to this thread and let people know what the journey is like.

So far some of the engineers do not seem particularly enthused to get involved.

Hopefully at least one or two have already gone through the process on ridetech I do not have to re-invent the wheel.

Will keep on it though.

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