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Here in the V8 body shop, the Camaro will be further stripped of bolt-ons, and we’ll test out the paint to see what’s beneath.

This was a neat little detail behind the license plate bracket…

We started in the back buzzing down the paint and filler from the previous paint job with a DA sander. The good thing is that the car isn’t very rusty.

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However, we found some dents in the lower part of the quarters, and on the body line. We weren’t very concerned about them, but we did note that the steel is a little thin from being ground by previous bodywork.

Exposing a little more of the quarter revealed a previous patch panel just in front of the wheel.

The outline is the shape of a panel Adam planned to repair the rust and existing patch.

Adam used some body hammers, the English wheel, and other techniques to fabricate a repair panel.

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The new panel is held in place with Cleco clamps, and then a series of tack welds was used to weld it into place. The tack welds prevent heat buildup and warpage.

After the welding, some careful grinding blends the new panel into the old making a seamless repair.

Meanwhile, the body shop crew began sanding the paint with a dual action sander. We know this car is pretty solid, so it does not require stripping to bare steel.

The lower valance panel was removed, stripped, and body worked as needed.

Any problem areas are repaired (like the quarter panels), but the front sheet metal seems very clean. The plan is to leave the sheet-metal installed, get the panels aligned and straight, and prime the outside of the car. Then the car will be block sanded.

The body panels will then be removed, and the jambs and backsides of panels addressed This way, we will only be removing the panels and reassembling the car once because this job is very time sensitive.
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