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Shaun, I had to have mine brake tested. We just did a quiet road out of town. The machine they use suction cups to the windscreen. The guy doing mine, didn't get it right and it dropped onto my freshly painted can imagine my frustration and his look of completely apologetic sheepishness when it slammed the dash. Anyway we got under way. I forget the exact numbers but it was something like accelerate to 100 KPH mash the brakes and he was expecting a negative G of 1 G. (I can't remember exactly it was 7 years ago). Anyway he was only getting about 0.6 G and wasn't going to pass it. But this is what he would do, accelerate to 100 KPH, then get off it (car would slow to 85-ish) then lightly press the brake rather than jump on it. Remember it's got 4 wheel discs, 330MM with a Hydroboost. So I said let me drive. 100 KPH and I jumped on it...I mean jumped on it, we pulled 1.3 negative G from memory. Bottom line it passed. So yeah had to go through all that myself, albeit it was cheaper back then but not much cheaper. Actually a fun experience.
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