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Hi all,

Some updates for you....

Was introduced to yet another engineer who just happened to be in the shop where my car was getting some work done. So was a casual conversation.

Anyway.....he had different opinions yet again to other engineers I have spoken with. This VASS stuff is definitely a frustrating experience.

If anyone enters into this journey - two of the more expensive things you can do (in regards to VASS engineer testing), is change the suspension and brakes.

This engineer was talking about booking the straight at Sandown raceway in order to check the brakes. Drive 100Km per hour and brake heavily numerous times in a row in order to prove no fade on brakes. There was specialist testing kit he had to hire to perform tests. Suspension also required similar type testing.

Anywhere between $3500 to $4000 to get all the tests done for brakes and suspension (which should include the engineers report).

At this point - I am locked in with all the Ridetech kit anyway, so I am going to complete the full conversion, install it and take it from there.

So - simply just put it all on and pray that it gets through all the engineers required tests.

It appears some engineers want to test more than others, but either way - there is no cheap way around getting it done.

This guy also wanted to see photo's of the installations and preferred it was all done "professionally", so if you were planning on doing some of it at home - check with your engineer first.

Still currently intending to pursue this with my original engineer (Paul Bottomley as earlier mentioned in this post), simply because he started the journey with me.

I'll get all the kit installed and update you again from there.
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