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Hi guys,

Update on this one. Have not gotten far unfortunately.

So my VASS guy provided my testing requirements to an engineer that does this FEA CAD computer testing of parts. Then it went quiet.

I then chased this up with the FEA engineer who finally returned my call, promised to get me a quote for FEA tests - then nothing.

For those of you reading - if you go down this VASS path, you better get used to being disappointed. I would also counsel you to select your VASS engineer VERY carefully.

If you read the rest of my comments on this post, you will see I had a LOT of trouble even finding an engineer who would return a phone call. In my case, I hooked up with the first one who did. Maybe not my best decision.

The guy I selected does know his **** - no question, but he is simply too busy (at least at the moment) to give me the kind of focus I need.

It is only my opinion (not fact), but I get the impression these smaller vehicle mod projects must be the type of work these VASS guys prefer to avoid as well.

No-one will be tripping over their feet for your business - I can promise you that much (at least in VIC).

So to be candid - have been losing hope a little....

Some kinda good news though....was speaking to a metal fabricator - he provided me with another engineers details.

An out of curiosity - I called this other engineer - had a really refreshing conversation.

I have said previously that "common opinion" was that each VASS engineer responds to the VSB14 guidelines in their own way...I can now confirm that is 100% the case.

This other engineer thought FEA was over the top for my requirement.

Basically said the whole VASS thing was a blame game - in the event something goes wrong - everyone involved wants to be in a position to point the finger at someone else.

Anyway - this new engineer seems a LOT more open to simplifying the process. At least that is what he said on the phone.

Ok - now that said - I get the impression that this guy is also a busy boy. He was not tripping over himself for my business either. So at this point - not sure if I should stick with the original VASS guy or maybe jump ship.

Will work it out and let you know.

This VASS approval stuff is a bit of a journey though. Go into it with eyes WIDE open.
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