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Not much more to add at this stage. Waiting on quotes for FEA testing (Finite Element Analysis) of the parts.

So - a good rundown of what you need to know is here:

The guidelines these engineers in VIC use are all found in VSB14. From people I have spoken to - engineers all apply their own interpretation to the guidelines. Few will treat the same upgrades the same way. It is all a bit silly.

If anyone else needs them - the CAD files I was provided by ridetech can be found here for Tru Turn and Upper and lower control arms:
Also includes metals materials specs and weld certs of their workers.

CAD diagrams do not have welds though and there are gaps in some of the parts, so I believe they may not hold up to FEA testing. Although one guy I spoke to said they should be ok, they can bond the parts in CAD software and perform the load case tests anyway. Same guy said weld calculations are performed at a local level....getting that confirmed though.

I'll continue to push forward though.....see where this goes.

Certainly more of a headache than I anticipated.
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