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Hi guys,

Well things have moved on a little although that said - may have had a bit of a setback...I think.....

Ridetech have been communicating with us - which is great. They have been reviewing all the VIC guidelines specific to getting their parts onto victorian cars (or the Gen1 camaro in my case).

The key thing for any structural item going onto your car that is not "standard" is that it has been "tested".

What does that mean?

OK - so there is physical testing of product/parts and also CAD testing of products through software (what they call CAD FEA). Both are acceptable.

The purpose of these test is to confirm that the parts conform with specific load cases as set out in these guidelines that the VASS engineers have to work with.

If your part has been tested and passed these load cases - through either physical testing or CAD FEA - then you are fine.

If not - then it gets interesting.

Cheapest way to get items approved is obviously the CAD FEA software route. This is definitely the way you want to go.

This requires the proper CAD diagrams though, or access to the CAD files so they can be finalised for the FEA testing. IF the CAD diagrams are not great - then you are looking at 3d scanning of the parts on top of everything else.


Ridetech have sent us CAD diagrams, which I cannot open as I do not have the software, but they admitted they would not be suitable for CAD FEA testing - they need work.

So yeah - I am now not as optimistic.

I know that 1000's of camaro's in the usa have been giving these parts a caning for years - under what I would consider extreme load cases in autocross and other race applications. I have researched this heavily and am yet to find a forum post indicating failure under load. Certainly nothing the would indicate a pattern.

Not saying that is a guarantee, but if there is bugger-all mention of issues on the forums and web in general, no noise or complaints more generally - then you would think product is sound.

I will keep pushing on though - see where this goes.

Not sure I want to spend the money on 3d modelling though - hopefully does not come to that.

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