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Name: Chris
Its all in the ANDRA rulebook.
I have my Bolt in 6 point cage all but finished in my 56.
GAS455 has one fitted in his Pontiac as well and it has been ANDRA preteched. I know of at least another 10 finished or in construction.
Single Rollover Hoop with removable side intrusion
The following vehicles require a
single rollover hoop covering the
full width of the driver’s compartment with two back stays, a side
intrusion bar and taxi bar.
Bolted connections must use Grade 8 or equivalent fasteners as a

Unmodified cars (ET 10.00 - 10.99):
with unmodified construction with fixed steel roof ,
slower than 10.00 seconds (1/4 mile or equivalent) but faster
than 10.99 seconds (1/4 mile or equivalent)

Modified cars (ET 11.00 - 11.99):
with modified
structural construction
(not including wheel
slower than 11.00 seconds (1/4 mile or equivalent)
but faster than 11.99 seconds (1/4 mile or equivalent)

Street Open cars (ET 11.00 - 12.99):
Street registered open cars
slower than 11.00 seconds (1/4 mile or equivalent)
but faster than 12.99 seconds (1/4 mile or equivalent)

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Here is a couple of Gregs Pontiac Im not sure why he hasnt posted pictures of it finished but it has been done for at least 6 months.

Im using the joints from GD race cars on mine as can be seen on the upper bends.
Here is the main hoop.

Here is the hoop bolted to the floor.

Here is one of the 5mm plates that is welded to the floor it need this hole in it for the 1 5/8 Moly pipe to protrude into it. That bolt in there is a body to chassis bolt.The four bolts bolt straight through the outriggers on the body that bolt to the chassis.

this is a blurry shot of the plates that are welded to the main hoop and they bolt to the plate in the shot above that is welded to the floor. Note that the pipe is protruding through the plate. It must protrude at least 3mm into the welded plate.

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And some more. dont forget this is a full bolt in 6 Point cage legal to run as quick as 8.0s.
A shot of the hoop fitted with one of the front legs.

and the other side.

Here is one of the joints. Not heap either. I sort of wish I went with the other option now of one piece of tube slipped into another and double bolted but I rushed out and got these when the passed the new rule exactly a year ago now.

Nice interior early 90`s door trims. It also has dark Maroon seats in it now as well. This is soon to be replaced by a brand new reproduction interior as soon as I get the two intrusions and the front top cross bar in.
Here is the Taxi bar. Its been sitting there for about a month because I need somemore argon and i cant be bothered going to get it. Its a great fit . Not even tacked and it stays there.

Also here is the rear stays. that go through the parcel tray. And also you can see the rear window cross bar.

And inside the boot, unfortunatly ANDRA took so long to bring in this rule I had painted the boot and had to scrape off the paint around the mounts to weld them to the floor.

and another shot of one of the joints. i will be doing the intrusion and front windscreen bars with male clevises instead of the GD racecar joints.
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