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My understanding is that we could even get a bolt in rear half which is good for 10.0;so the whole hoop and taxi bar is one piece, which is removable and the rear stays bolt between the hoop and parcel tray, you do need to run side intrusion bars also. I'm only keen if the entire cage is removable and all that remains in car are the floor plates.

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Stuart ,
I know ANDRA is approving these on a case by case review . You do have to submit the design for approval - before fitting . You may want to talk to Rod Andrews race cars he does a lot of cages . Maybe Bond rollcages as well , though I think they mostly do road racing stuff . Also check with a vehicle engineer as they do have to be engineered . The bolt in sections may primarily be the side intrusion and taxi bars , the engineer may not like the stub/mounting points for these . I did talk to Rod Andrews a while back , when I had a cage bent up for a 67 Dart , and he did not do a bolt out taxi bar at that time . As I am sure you are aware if you have a fixed taxi bar in a 2 door you must either have the rear seat marked as not for passenger use or removed . There is also height/space restrictions for clearances .
You may want to wait a little longer till ANDRA release their new rule and class changes for next year .
I would be happy for a roll bar and 2 back stays but who knows what ANDRA will do

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