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Very india alright...though could also be somewhere in Africa...China is a modern country by comparison....nice girls too.

I read this and thought you were nuts, and then realised it was your india guys that went snorkelling in that water. It kills normal mortals. Yah mumbai is bollox in the rain.

You must work for Cisco, or Di Data or something like that.....

Originally Posted by cluxford View Post
That's one awesome battery.....don't laugh though I have worked extensively in India (it looks like that shot was from India). You talk work cover. My company builds and install voice and data networks. During the huge floods in Mumbai about 2 years ago (over 100 people drowned by being sucked down street drains) a customers call centre went off the air due to the equipment being in the basement and flooded. Our India guys somehow got there in 3-5 feet of water in teh street then "duck dived" down to the basement for 5 hours slowly unscrewing all the kit from the racks, took it up 3 floors dried it out with towels and industrial fans and got it all working again...only lost 2 power supplies due to shorts.

Now if anyone has seen indian streets no way I would even walk in that water let alone duck dive into it

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