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Update (without pics so far) is that the car will not be ready (home) by Easter, which is a little disappointing, because I have time off over Easter and wanted to binge on fitting it out. I deliberately never got my hopes up as after all, panel shops are known world-wide as Paint Jails for good reason.

Currently being primed and blocked. Some panels will recieve two coats, some three in order to get it completely flat and up to Mick's standard. Approximately 60 hours worth of blocking I am told. Is that a lot? Sounds like it might be.
PPG's GMH Chassis Matte Black will then be applied to the rear of all bolt-on sheet metal (excluding the trunk lid), followed by body color and clear on the top-side as well as the underside of the trunk lid. The rear sides of the front sheet metal with the PPG Matte Black don't get masked as overspray is completely normal and expected.

Sheetmetal then gets bolted on after final paint as per factory.
Elephant (click on the amp!) Post pictures! ..or it never happened.

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