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Gauges arrived

Received a nice parcel from the postie today!

My gauges arrived from

I ordered a set during the 'Black Friday' sales in the US last December.

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Here's what came in the box :

1 x 4 1/2" Speedo (260km/h, Metric, programmable)
1 x 4 1/2" Tacho (8K)
1 x 2 1/16" Volt Gauge (0-18V)
1 x 2 1/16" Fuel Gauge
1 x 2 1/16" Oil Pressure Gauge (0-7bar, Metric)
1 x 2 1/16" Water Temp Gauge (50-125C, Metric)

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Note that when ordering these gauges, they are completely customisable!
You can choose from a wide range of colors, styles, fonts, logos and lighting effects ... including supplying your own images/fonts if you like.
Since I'm aiming for a clean, minimalist look to my dash ... and hopefully something that won't date quickly ... I went fairly conservative.

So here's what else you get in the box (besides stickers and even a T-Shirt):

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It's basically a whole bunch of bags containing every single wire, adapter and plug that you could possible think of ... so that the guage kit can be successfully installed.

Seriously happy with the quality of this kit.

I'll really have to work hard now and make sure that my dash insert is worthy of housing such fine quality
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