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Day 17

So I made a start on my DSE/Fesler inspired dash insert.

I mentioned a few posts back that I was wanting to have a crack at doing my own (sheet metal) dash insert.

To start off ... I went out and bought myself a nice big sheet of cold rolled steel.
Ended up buying a sheet of 1mm CRS, measuring 2400x1200, for a mere $40.
That should give me plenty of material to play with!

Next on the list was something to bend it with.
I shopped around and found a cheap bending brake for sale via the Supercheap online store.
Picked one up for $133 including delivery.

First step was to take my cardboard template and transfer all of the measurements to steel.

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After cutting out the basic shape (with a fine cut-off wheel in an angle grinder) I christened my new bending brake with the first few bends.

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After a bit of shuffling and mucking around to get the bends done on the shorter section of steel ... I used some broad nosed vice clamps to manipulate the top edge a little.

Name:  IMG_7744.jpg
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With a little gentle persuasion I got the new piece into position in the car.
So far so good ... but the hard bits are still to come.

Here's how it sits at the moment ...

Name:  IMG_7748.jpg
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Next steps will be to have a crack at both end pieces ... then if I get those right ... have a go at welding the bits together.
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