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Name: Jake
70' Camaro

Hey guys! New to the forum, my names Jake and I've just recently bought a 1970 Camaro. I think I may have met a few of you at the latest meet last weekend, but I apologise in advance if I cant remember names as I've always been shocking for it.

I've always wanted something old school from the US. I've been lucky enough to lend a hand a couple of times on Greg's 69 CRISIS, and its been a massive inspiration ever since.

Some of you may know the car already, its Matt R's old car that I've been fortunate enough to pick up at what I think was a great price for such a well put together car.

Its not perfect but it is a very tough street car, something I can improve on and modify without annoying any purists and have at least some input into what the car is/will be.

Body is currently wrapped but is silver underneath and apparently quite tidy.

Rotating Assembly: Block is a gen VI zz502, 4.5 bore size and decked, steel forged crank, srp dome top pistons, scat h beam rods, moroso high volume blueprinted oil pump, milidon 8 qtrz oil pan, roller master timing chains,
Intake/Heads: Oval port heads, victor jnr oval port single plane manifold, Quick fuel QFR 1000cfm
Valvetrain: Comp cam solid roller custom grind, Comp cam Roller lifters Comp cam ultra pro magnum roller rockers, Comp cam springs, Trend pushrods

Trans: Built T400, 3000rpm stall.

Diff: Ford 9", Moser axles, 3:7 gears, Harrop Truetrac.

Brakes: Wilwood 4 pot fronts, standard rear drum brakes, Wilwood booster.

Suspension: Standard front and rear, nolathane bushings, caltracs.

Current plans are to improve the suspension with a 4 Link rear + tubular front control arms, coilovers and C6 corvette spindles from Speed Tech, tidy up the interior and build some close out panels for the boot. And tidy up a few things that aren't quite working 100%.
Big spending will come in due time though as I unfortunately lost my job days before picking up the car haha.

Anyway, enough talk, pics.

IMG_3231 by Jake Baldwin, on Flickr

IMG_3232 by Jake Baldwin, on Flickr

IMG_3233 by Jake Baldwin, on Flickr

IMG_3243 by Jake Baldwin, on Flickr

IMG_3248 by Jake Baldwin, on Flickr

IMG_3244 by Jake Baldwin, on Flickr

IMG_3239 by Jake Baldwin, on Flickr

IMG_3238 by Jake Baldwin, on Flickr

Look forward to meeting a few more of you guys in the coming months, will try and make it to the Camaro cruise on the 10th, it currently runs a little hot but i have a new radiator sitting at home ready to go into it this week some time.
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