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Originally Posted by Intruder View Post
Thanks Nev, for the guided tour through the US, I am so jealous, each day I have been waiting in anticipation of the next installment of pics.
Now I guess I can finally go outside and catch some vitamin 'D'. Kev.
Glad you liked the pix Kev.
I would love to do another trip but I need to go back to work for a while.
Sorry it was only 7 weeks.

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Originally Posted by L88racer View Post
Well done Nev, have looked forward to your updates each day!
Its sad you are back home again, no more new pics.
The Edelbrock facility looked awsome, would luv to see those orginal race cars up close.

Thanks Rowan.
The race cars were very good.
The paint was excellent and they were immaculate inside as well.
Most of the blokes we spoke with had a real passion for cars and eeryone really seemed to enjoy working for Edelbrock.

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Originally Posted by *rayman* View Post
What'd you think of the area they build their crate motors in? Is it organised, and seem like a reliable place to buy a motor from?

You hear a lot of stories about mismatched components in crate motors, dodgy assembly, crate motors being made in mexico with cheap labour, marine crate versions being made to lower quality standards etc.

Interesting to hear your thoughts after seeing edelbrock building theirs. What sort of engine turnover did they say they produce on the tour? Only looks like a small assembly area.

Foose almost always uses edelbrock crates in their series of overhaulin...
The engine building area was very clean (but you would expect that), and yes it was quite small in comparison to the rest of the facility but definitely not cramped.
We spent a little bit of time talking to the 2 blokes you see in the photo that were building the big block chev donks and we saw the incoming goods inspection area.
They have good QA processes in place.
I don't remember exactly how many motors they build each year.
They do pride themselves on using US made parts and the parts we saw seemed to back up what we were told.
After seeing the facility and the processes I would at least consider Edelbrock but I do not have any first hand experience with there crate motors.

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