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Originally Posted by old mate View Post
Thanks for the reply Grpawalky , good news about the parts there.
The wheel on the wrong side thing's not a real issue , I driven a fair few overseas , but the stick on the floor on the right has always niggled me a bit , and I'm thinking if I'm going to dump a fair stack of cash on this , I might as well get it right.
Being a bit of a hardcore GM boy , the Stang's not for me , it's a present for a good 'ol mate ( he doesn't know it yet )
After reading Terry's piece at the top , it looks all the bits I want will have to come back in a different crate/container ( a crate engine and huffer , the modified hood and some decent meats) it'll be a case of getting all the bodywork done (no tubs or stuff like that) , suspension work , shortened axles etc , putting all the stock bits back on for import and swapping over here , although it would be good to minimise the amount of work to be done over the top of new paintwork !
But I definitely hear what your saying re the LHD thing and all the associated factors involved with it , I'll surely keep it as option B.
You still got the 55 ??
If you're serious about converting a 65 Impala to RHD, there is a factory RHD Chassis, firewall and a few other parts on eBay Aus right now:
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