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Originally Posted by Grpawalky View Post
Steve, this isn't really answering your questions about getting the car converted in the US. But it raises the question with me..........why bother? You're far better off leaving the 65 or the 'stang....left hand drive IMHO. Much easier to get steering/suspension parts if needed later on down the track. The car will be running all the stock factory alignment settings and it's completely legal here.

A few years ago now, I imported a 55 Chev coupe from Arkansas. It belonged to the owner of a Hot Rod shop, where they built some pretty high end rods. Prior to shipping the 55, I had him lower it, using drop spindles, full exhaust from headers to rear and electric wipers replacing the old vacuum setup. It was substantially cheaper getting the work done over there and the parts are pretty much delivered very cheaply or free.
Thanks for the reply Grpawalky , good news about the parts there.
The wheel on the wrong side thing's not a real issue , I driven a fair few overseas , but the stick on the floor on the right has always niggled me a bit , and I'm thinking if I'm going to dump a fair stack of cash on this , I might as well get it right.
Being a bit of a hardcore GM boy , the Stang's not for me , it's a present for a good 'ol mate ( he doesn't know it yet )
After reading Terry's piece at the top , it looks all the bits I want will have to come back in a different crate/container ( a crate engine and huffer , the modified hood and some decent meats) it'll be a case of getting all the bodywork done (no tubs or stuff like that) , suspension work , shortened axles etc , putting all the stock bits back on for import and swapping over here , although it would be good to minimise the amount of work to be done over the top of new paintwork !
But I definitely hear what your saying re the LHD thing and all the associated factors involved with it , I'll surely keep it as option B.
You still got the 55 ??
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