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Originally Posted by old mate View Post
Thanks for the info Terry , much appreciated.
A penny for anyone's thoughts on this sorta complicated one though ,
I'm going over in the next 18 months or so to source a 65 Impala SS and possibly a 70 Mustang and getting them done there by a builder who's work I've loved for a while now.
I've heard from other areas that getting RHD conversions of any quality is nigh on impossible .....
I'd prefer to get it done there rather than have the builder's work messed with too much once here , even if it requires shipping the associated 2nd hand parts from here and getting them refurbished and done there , having sorted out all the possible engineering certification issues with a reputable certification engineer here first.
I've been told that it's not on and will cost a fortune etc ... but I believe where there's a will there's a way, the money's not the's all about the cars

Much appreciated guys ,

Cheers , Steve.
Steve, this isn't really answering your questions about getting the car converted in the US. But it raises the question with me..........why bother? You're far better off leaving the 65 or the 'stang....left hand drive IMHO. Much easier to get steering/suspension parts if needed later on down the track. The car will be running all the stock factory alignment settings and it's completely legal here.

A few years ago now, I imported a 55 Chev coupe from Arkansas. It belonged to the owner of a Hot Rod shop, where they built some pretty high end rods. Prior to shipping the 55, I had him lower it, using drop spindles, full exhaust from headers to rear and electric wipers replacing the old vacuum setup. It was substantially cheaper getting the work done over there and the parts are pretty much delivered very cheaply or free.
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