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Originally Posted by niknitrous View Post
Thanks Justin. Not sure why this section is not more popular or why it doesn't show up in the main forum posts
Car went brilliantly... Turned, stopped, stayed cool, went hard... Very happy. Shredded my BF Goodrich street tyres though.
What tyres do you use for track?
Thinking of getting a cheap set of rims and throw slicks on em.
What you reckon?
Best tyres so far - Nitto NT01 - awesome grip, quick hookup again after traction losses (although not as many as you'd think even with a grumpy BBC) - only negative was short tyre life, hates water

Current tyres - Kumho KU36 - great compromise, still soft enough for the track and good confidence when wet , do lose traction that lil bit sooner, need to feather power on - although I reckon they'd be miles ahead of the BF's quite cheap via international tyre trader ( hard to find cheap 315's)

Also considering a set of full track slicks one day, just to see how far she can go - that's after some bigger brakes, 6 Spd, injection etc etc
.. my build upgrade is consuming me
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